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Hey everyone! I'm the Founder and President of PlansYet. I struggled with finding things to do and was basically tired of the same old stuff. With a lot of research and hard work, I came up with PlansYet. My goal is to help you all live a more fun and passionate life.

The Most Unique Bar in Downtown Phoenix – The Duce

When we think of Phoenix, we think of a diverse culture, eccentric buildings and the bar scene. Downtown is by far one of my favorite places to go for a night on the town because there's something to do for everyone and I mean everyone! The Duce The Duce is located at 525 South Central [...]

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Get out of the city on a Flagstaff Adventure

Phoenix is an amazing city but sometimes you just need to get away for some R&R so that's exactly what I did! I went up to Flagstaff to have a little snow day adventure and want to show you everything that I did to help you out on your own adventure along with my thoughts [...]

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Top things to do this Holiday Season in Phoenix

The Holidays are here! While we don't get any snow here in the dusty desert, we definitely know how to celebrate the holidays right! One of the hardest things to do is to pick what you'll actually be doing! Here are the best things to do in Phoenix this holiday season. CitySkate For those of [...]

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Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters and where to find them!

Probably one of my favorite things about the holidays is the ugly sweater fad that has been increasingly growing. What better way to celebrate the holidays by wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater that is sure to spread a little holiday cheer. I'll personally be rocking an ugly Christmas sweater vest this year. Don't miss out [...]

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Top Speakeasy Bars in Downtown Phoenix

If alcohol was banned, where would you go? Speakeasy came about during the prohibition that lasted from 1920 to 1930. For those that don't know much about the prohibition, it was a time in American history where Alcohol was outlawed and made illegal to have. As the Americans we were, this didn't stop us from [...]

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12 Bars of Christmas Bar Crawl

This is the 1st ever 12 Bars Of Christmas Bar Crawl Hosted by PlansYet and its anticipated to be huge! We're still getting the details together and working out specials with a few bars to be a part of the crawl so stay tuned to find out more information. We're asking for your suggestions on [...]

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Taco Tuesday Specials in Chandler

Taco Tuesday should really be a national holiday that just so happens to occur every week. There's nothing better than a taco filled with all types of goodness. What's even better than this is getting it for a great deal! Most Mexican Restaurants offer some type of Taco Tuesday deal but not all tacos are [...]

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Tis the season…For Ice Skating at CitySkate!

The weather is getting colder (relatively speaking since we live in Arizona); holiday decorations are already up in retail stores, and the peppermint everything craze is already up us. What better way to enjoy yourself then by ice skating outside in the heart of Phoenix! For those of you that don't know what CitySkate is, [...]

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The Most Unique Dive Bar in Scottsdale – Giligans

While on an adventure out in old town Scottsdale, I happened to stumble across what seemed like a pretty typical dive bar. Man, was I wrong! Giligan's is one of the most eccentric yet coolest spots you'll find in Scottsdale or even the valley for that matter. But why is this place so great? Giligan's is [...]

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